Monday, December 9, 2013

Here is the Holy Bible of conversation topics

The following is a list of topics that will make for some excellent conversation:

- The taste of a girls butthole

- You preference of a male or female therapist

- The appropriate amount of time to look at a dogs red rocket

- If your boss died would you be sad

- The types of rich people crime you would commit. (stealing skis from a lodge, taking someone's coat at a party)

- The amount of money you would pay a girl to get an abortion

- The joy of having your prostate massaged

- The moment you have felt the most racist

- Feeling happy when others fail

- The last time you cried really hard

- Eating human flesh to stay alive

- Would you push someone you hate off of a cliff if no one would know

- The amount of time you think you could survive torture

- The weirdest thing you have searched for on the internet

- The moment you realized you should start deleting your browsing history

- How much you hate your friends wife

- The amount of time you will look for your phone before you determine it is lost

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